David Hard

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Operations Executive and Founding Director

David has spent the last few years running his own businesses after a very successful career in financial services, spanning 41 years. During this time he has positively helped many entrepreneurs either survive, grow or structure their business and personal life as a mentor, coach, fund provider or fundraiser.

People who know David respect and admire his infectious enthusiasm to continuous change and challenge, his positivity, supportive and friendly approach. He has a wealth of experience, knowledge and a large network of funders to explore all sources of finance; conventional, alternative or equity based, even for the earliest or most obtuse reasons, in order to help clients.


  • 41 years at Lloyds Bank in the United Kingdom
  • Highly successful, results focused SME mentor & coach helping entrepreneurs maximise their full business & personal potential
  • Accredited Growth Accelerator/Business Growth Service coach & Leadership & Management
  • Highly respected Mentor